On dealing with rogue swami’s

Got this on Bau’s blog. Very interesting

Guruji recently wrote an article which was published in various parts in many newspapers around the country… however not one newspaper published it in its entirety… I dont like to edit anything Guruji says 🙂 so here it is, complete and unabridged…

By H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar

Fraudulent and unethical practices committed by Swamis or religious authorities should be condemned unequivocally. When a religious/spiritual leader commits a crime, he not only harms people, but also brings disgrace to the spiritual tradition. If proven guilty, stringent action should be taken against them. In fact, the severity of the punishment should be many times more than what would be given to normal people.

While Islam is blamed for terrorism, and Christianity went through child abuse scandals in some parts of the world, it is now Hinduism which has gotten a jolt in Kerala due to malpractices. During these moments of crisis, one would think that Hinduism needs an authority that could check these malpractices.

Since there is a lack of hierarchy, and no authority to install a Swami or Guru, or dethrone them, the Sanathana Dharma is more vulnerable to being misused. On the other hand, Sanathana Dharma has always believed that religion and spirituality is an individual’s choice; it has allowed people to find their path and lead others as well. That is why in India, no prophet was ever crucified, and the freedom of thought, expression and propagation of faith is inbuilt in to the system.

While a few miscreants have misused the system, religion per se should not be blamed or ridiculed. There are possibilities of innocent people being caught in the trap and blamed for nothing. I would advise them to take this as an opportunity to go inwards, especially on the spiritual path. History has shown that many innocent people were accused and had to bear the brunt of society for quite some time, but finally the truth prevailed. We must remember that society has not even spared people like Kabir, Adi Shankaracharya, Jesus Christ, and many of his apostles. Adi Shankaracharya was excommunicated. Gnanadev, Buddha, and many spiritual and religious leaders were considered as heretics and traitors in their time. Today, close to one third of the humanity are followers of Jesus Christ, but during his time, his teachings were considered blasphemous. It was the same with the Sufi Saint, Mansoor, who was eventually hanged.

Not so long ago, a Swami from a prominent Mutt in Karnataka was accused of child abuse and was imprisoned for 20 years; he was later proven innocent by the Supreme Court and all charges against him were dropped. Another such victim of conspiracy was Swami Omkarananda, who does not even know how to lift a gun; but he was accused of illegal possession of arms. He was put in a jail in Switzerland for 27 years, and later proven innocent.

Religious and spiritual people are there to propagate dharma, knowledge, self-confidence and emotional and spiritual upliftment of people. Any deviation from their goal is bound to boomerang on them. A religious seat should be considered a seat of service and higher knowledge, and it is unfortunate that these institutions are sometimes used as seats of power. Prevalent hypocrisy in religion, spirituality, politics and business is the most harmful thing for a society.

The media has a responsibility to expose those who are fraudulent. However, the media should restrain from sensationalising such incidents; even if one innocent image is tarnished, it causes a lot of pain and suffering. Before the charges are proven, public humiliation and ‘bashing’ of the accused should be avoided as it can cause irreparable psychological damage. We have seen this in Iraq where, in the name of extracting the truth from the culprits, thousands of Iraqis have suffered enormous mental anguish.

In case of charges being proven false, the irreversible psychological and emotional damage caused is unpardonable. Media and zealots should be aware that in the name of catching the culprits, they should not cause humiliation and psychological harm.

Unwarranted negative portrayal of spirituality and prejudice will only lead to more suicides and desperation in society.

We must not create prejudice against any section of society, or any religion as this can be dangerous. For example, after 9/11, Sikhs and Muslims were tortured as terrorists. American troops have killed thousands in Afghanistan and later apologised for mistaken identity. In the Middle Ages, many women and scientists were dragged into the streets of Europe and burnt alive.

The police cannot play the role of the magistrate. In the past, wise people would take pride in admitting their mistakes. People should have that level of consciousness to admit their mistakes and walk towards the truth. Admitting one’s mistakes will enhance one’s character. A safe and secure space should be created for people to come forward and admit their mistakes. This cannot happen in an atmosphere of fear and blame-culture. When too much shame is associated with making a mistake, then people will shy away from admitting them. Mistakes happen, knowingly or unknowingly. In the past, when spiritual masters realised their mistakes, they would do their own Prayaschitta (personal attempt for atonement for wrongs committed), sometimes even harder than the stipulated punishment.

Religious and spiritual institutions should expose the injustice within their own religion if any, rather than shield it. If this is done from the outside and by those who do not believe in religion, it is likely to be perceived as prejudiced. In the case of the Communists, while they are absolutely right in denouncing age-old dogmas, they should not forget that both Stalin and Mao Tse Tung eliminated close to 10 million people – scientists, socialists, journalists, men of literature – to stay in power.

In today’s complex world, to escape from mounting stress, people look for easy ways and go to anybody who offers magical solutions. Instead, they should turn towards pranayama and meditation which is the heart of Indian spirituality. Millions worldwide have taken recourse to it.

Sanathana Dharma has laid out some of the best principles for humanity to achieve equality, social justice, a violence-free society, and a prejudice – free mind. Let every Indian strive for educating oneself and the society in these golden principles.


A date with a sage

Vinay was in the ashram for the weekend and he forwarded me this excerpt. Amazing knowledge really .

About 100 YES!+ members had an outstanding evening with
Rishi Vidyadhar ji in Ashram, this Sunday… Like a bath near the origin of Ganges, we got soaked in fresh, rejuvenating and sparkling knowledge, that was so freely flowing from Rishi ji.

Here are few snippets:

People should not have fear of your anger, they should only have fear of losing your love. Your love should be so unconditional that someone would think before doing something, that this act should not make me lose his/her love for me.

Four modulations of mind:
1. not being in present moment:- leads to problems related to stomach…!

2. getting bored:- this is at the intellectual level. —>>> This leads to problems related to heart, chest.
there are four ways people can get together:-
I. common likes
II. common enemies or complaints
III. common ambitions
IV. coming together in knowledge, for knowledge.
only the fourth way will keep two people together… even if there is some problem, it will go away with the knowledge.
with commitment and dedication, if you can surpass the boredom, then you attain love. otherwise its just common likes.
Sadhana consolidates the boredom. continuing Sadhana, you surpass the boredom.

3. holding on to something negative.—->>this leads to problems related to neck.
ten compliments and one insult, what does your mind chew on to!?

4. the likes and dislikes of the mind. it leads to problems related to face, head.
What you dislike now, you used to like it sometime back. and what you like now, you may dislike it later. all your feelings change in 2 and a quarter days! You can’t be happy or sad all the time. Like Moon causes tides on the ocean, we being 75% water, it causes high and low feelings… and if you observe, you feel High on full moon and low on new moon! the moon goes round the earth in 28 days, and there are 12 constellations. 28/12 is 2 days and five hours. in that time, your moods change. and if you meditate, these changing moods won’t affect you at all !

How to become a good leader!?
Ans: Make leaders. Leader is not someone with great qualities, but who can bring out the best qualities in all.

There are exactly ten negative qualities:
Those who love perfection get angry
Those who love past get hatred
Those who love something become greedy
Those who love fantasy get lust
Those who love their appearance more than it should be loved, become jealous
Those who love status get arrogant
Those who love the result of action get fear
Those who love some people get attachment
Those who love ..
Those who love ..
{Someone please fill up the last two!}
Those who love to serve, get devotion.
The ten negatives are not our nature. The human nature is to be generous, happy, loving, grateful, full of awareness and being in bliss. And that is what happens when we do the Sudarshan Kriya.

Parents are at least 20 years elder to us. So they have much more experience of life than we have. Also of course they have gone through the phases of life that we are going through. So we need to listen to them and obey their wishes.
One who doesn’t learn from his mistake is a fool.
One who learns from his own mistakes is a intellectual person.
One who learns from the mistakes of others is wise.
A Mistake is a happening, not an intentional action.

When some person A is doing something that hurts you or is wrong, go and tell that to person A directly, not to tell it to B. When you tell it to person B, it is a complaint. When you tell it to A, it is a responsible action. When you tell it to A directly, in 99 percent of cases A will change. if you tell B and B tells that to A, then A will in fact get more angry and situation doesn’t change.

If we don’t learn from the words of the Sages, the Time will teach us, our own experience will teach us! There is no difference between Time and God. Kalay Tasmai Namah.

Move on from looking good to feeling good. Make choice based on what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you look good.
He told a nice joke in Hindi, with all special accents:
A wife told her husband… “Hello, please get me a new Saree.”
Husband replied, “but I have already got you 200 Sarees.”
Wife said, “But all those have been seen by my kitti party friends!”
Husband said,”ok, then instead of buying new sarees every week, it will be less costly to change the locality!”

Walk like an elephant, full of peace and strength. And, if needed, Roar like a Lion, and everyone else will listen to you…

Sadhana Seva Satsang and Self Knowledge make you feel good.
Surrender Smile and Silence are for preserving that feel good state.
Practicing these 7 gives you 8th S: Sri Sri. 🙂
The entire creation is inexpressible. That inexpressible has become expressible in the form of Sadguru. Loving the Sadguru you will love the entire creation. If you don’t love the Sadguru, forget about love.

My day today (22 May)

As usual, woke up today morning stunned looking at the watch it was 830 …(I decided to get up at 630 to solve a 9×9 matrix by a method called Gaussian Elimination….. 😐 ). My mentor had asked me come early today and submit the solutions as he wanted to discuss them with the ARDE director. He called me by 10. This propelled me to chuck the newspaper reading ,bathing ,breakfast and was almost about to chuck brushing …. 🙂 . At 9 , i start solving the equations and finish by 930 . As I approach the office i came across a sense of  achievement of some sort…. (of solving those horribly long and complicated equations… 🙂 ) My mentor was there….waiting for me ….  after explaining all the jargon i sit back relaxed in my chair , thinking that everything was done and my job remained only to code those equations…. I decided to review those equations just one last time…. to my horror i made a silly mistake while solving one of them … since the elimination method is recursive it led to a big factor missing in the entire matrix … 😦  ….  The entire day at office went past by correcting it….As i write this post i have about 40% still left….. Anyways,as i leave my work place it gets a bit cloudy … i pray that it rains heavily…. its a bit tough to drive in rain but thats compensated for the thrill of doing so …. Halfway thorough is starts raining heavily …. 🙂 …. a wonderful 30 min l8r i reach home…drenched fully …. Mom opens the door and guess what she has prepared…..kandhyachi bhaji….. the perfect setting for this dish….( I pity those who have not heard about it…. 🙂 ) Alls well that ends well….gtg have  to study a bit of CFD stuff … bye.

.docx in Linux


Files with a .docx extension are files of MS Office 2007. It appears in the form of an archive in most Linux systems today.To view and edit these files in OpenOffice.org,you need to install the OpenXML Translator on your system.You can download the odf converter rpm from http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/OpenOffice-org-OpenXML-Translator-Download-30751.html and save it on the disk.Change your directory to the location where you have saved the file. and su to the root account.

# su

Then run

# rpm -Uvh odf-converter-versionnumber.rpm

Restart OpenOfiice if its already running and your are done.

YUM updates – how to

Its really easy to update packages with YUM. YUM starts its update service as soon as you log into Linux,which shows all the available updates . You can go through the list and deselect the unnecessary packages .This is really troublesome because Fedora updates all its packages in really less time and if you do neglect it for a while you did have to deselect a number of packages . In case you want to update a specific package then do the following:

su to the root account,

In case you have not installed yum’s fastest mirror package then do so first:

root@localhost username : yum install yum-fastestmirror

Then say u want to update firefox,do the following:

root@localhost username : yum update firefox

YUM will check the updates available and ask ur permission for downloading the packages . Rest all will be done by the updater.

Meeting with Bawa

Met Bawa today at someones residence in Bawdhan. I wanted to meet him since the past 2 days ,but for some reason or the other couldnt do so(One of them – my vehicle being confiscated by the traffic police for parking in the NO PARKING zone on FC road.  …..;) …. took a lot of time to get it back….:) ) Finally, I reached the house where he was staying. Met him in his room. Was there with him for 15 minutes or so.He just stared at me (for some time) said nothing. It felt very nice after meeting him. Met Srividya there too. She s going for the YES+ TTC (probably) . All the best to her for her future endeavours with AOL….:). Bye for now….:)

Happy Blogging and Jai Gurudev!!!

A classy illusion

I read this on bau and dineshs blog: http://bawandinesh.blogspot.com


The Squares marked A and B are exactly the same colour!!!

To check this out, just copy paste the image into any image software(GIMP,KolourPaint or MSPaint)… then cut paste a tiny part of square A into a new window, and then copy paste a tiny part of square B into another window… check out both the colours, you will see that amazingly, unbelievably they are the same!!!

Seeing is believing ?Not quite , huh?

The internet archive and the wayback machine

A library that archives the internet…

The Internet Archive (IA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining an on-line library and archive of Web and multimedia resources. Located at the Presidio in San Francisco, California, this archive includes “snapshots of the World Wide Web” (archived copies of pages, taken at various points in time), software, movies, books, and audio recordings. To ensure the stability and endurance of the archive, IA is mirrored at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the only library in the world with a mirror. The IA makes the collections available at no cost to researchers, historians, and scholars. It is a member of the American Library Association and is officially recognized by the State of California as a library.

The Internet Archive building

The Wayback Machine archives web pages across “three dimensional index” i.e.archived versions of webpages across time.Snapshots become available 6 to 12 months after they are archived. The frequency of snapshots is variable, so not all updates to tracked web sites are recorded, and intervals of several weeks sometimes occur.

Screenshot of the internet archive site

The Runge Kutta 4th order Algorithm

I am doing an intern at Zeus Numerix where I have to simulate motion of an artillery missile fired from a launch vehicle.After doing the dynamics part of the analysis we get a series of second order differential equations which are solved by the Runge – Kutta method.

The Runge-Kutta algorithm is the magic formula behind many of the physics simulations . The Runge-Kutta algorithm lets us solve a differential equation numerically (that is, approximately) it is known to be very accurate and well-behaved for a wide range of problems.

Consider the single variable problem x‘ = f (t, x) with initial condition x(0) = x0. Suppose that xn is the value of the variable at time tn. The Runge-Kutta formula takes xn and tn and calculates an approximation for xn+1 at a brief time later, tn+h. It uses a weighted average of approximated values of f (t, x) at several times within the interval (tn, tn+h). The formula is given by xn+1 = xn + h6 (a + 2 b + 2 c + d) where a = f (tn, xn)
b = f (tn + h2, xn + h2 a)
c = f (tn + h2, xn + h2 b)
d = f (tn + h, xn + h c).

To run the simulation, we start with x0 and find x1 using the formula above. Then we plug in x1 to find x2 and so on.

With multiple variables, the Runge-Kutta algorithm looks similar to the above equations, except that the variables become vectors.

Make sure that u keep all the derivatives on one side of the equation and then solve.

A C++ code for it is as follows:

double solve(double timestep,double init,double stepsize){
double ret=init;
double time=0.0;

double k1,k2,k3,k4;//fc is the function obtained to the right hand side of the diff. equation
k2=fc(time+(stepsize/2.0),ret+(1.0/2.0 * k1 * stepsize));
k3=fc(time+(stepsize/2.0),ret+(1.0/2.0 * k2 * stepsize));
k4=fc(time+(stepsize/2.0),ret+(k3 * stepsize));

return ret;

Edit: Thanks to Fabio for the correction  in the code