Screenlets are screen applets.They look good and provide great functionality.They are small owner drawn applications written in Python.They are a really good alternative to gDesklets too.

Heres how you go about installing them:
For Fedora:
You need gnome-keyring and python devel packages installed. Also you need the rsvg libraries.
Switch to the super user in the terminal.Then

yum install python-devel gnome-python2-keyring

Also install the rsvg libraries.

yum install gnome-python2-rsvg.i386 librsvg2.i386 librsvg2-devel.i386

Download screenlets-version number .tar from launchpad
and extract it to a folder. Navigate to the folder and run

python install

Screenlets daemon and manager is installed.
To run the screenlets manager goto Applications=>Accessories=>Screenlets
in the terminal


You can customize their startup properties ,etc. from here.


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