Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I watch hindi movies rarely (rarely means around 2 or 3 a year). So what propelled me to watch this movie??Well nothing really…. Sriram , Chaitu had decided to go for a movie and i just tagged along. Sriram , Chaitu and Nek had already been to Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and had regretted their decision (I expected it ….. 🙂 ).

The Movie:(Contains no spoilers … 🙂 )

The movie is a story of love.Not a love story … since these two words bring a specific template in hindi movie viewers minds….. Its a story of love between a group of friends , focussing on the lives of two very close friends Jai Singh ‘Rats’ Rathore(Imran Khan) and Aditi ‘Meow'(Genelia D’Souza) (Both look very cute throughout the movie….. 🙂 ).

Its a very refreshing movie that leaves one with a sense of lightening (couldnt think of anything else….meant to be something which lightens u up and kindof uplifts ur mood….. 🙂 ). A.R.Rahman has done a superb job with the music.Really nice watch….

Congrats to Aamir ,Imran,Genelia,Karan,Nirav,Alishka,Sugandha,Renuka for a job very  well done….. nice work and do bring such refreshing films periodically ….. 🙂


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