My Intern

Today was  the last day of my intern.Its been a wonderful learning experience at Zeus Numerix.I thank my mentor Sudhir M. and the HR at ZN for giving me the opportunity to work at ZN for the past two months.I have some fond memories and also great new friends :Chaitanya and Nek . It was a nice time with Sriram(yup he came all the way to Pune to work here…. 🙂 )and enjoyed going around for movies with you guys (Irrespective of the movies ).All the best to all you guys in your future endeavours…..

The intern clearly highlighted the key difference in studying theory and making industry class products – these are  the most precious points i have taken from this intern.Its all about applying the most basic points in theory which seem so very trivial and looking at a problem till u find a perspective of solving it elegantly  rather than simply brute forcing ur way through it.Its hard to do so and took me most of the time of the intern in learning and internalising it.Hopefully, when i face such tasks in future i would probably be better at handling them.

Thank You guys once again.

Bye , cya next post will be just before leaving for NITT.cant wait for meeting evry1 out there……

Jai Gurudev!!!


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