Sem V

Finally after 4.5 months of NITT I was in a dire need for a refreshing change from the college atmosphere ….. Sometimes u did love to escape from the place but not from the people there … thats precisely the feeling i went through . We(Neil , Save , Himanshu , Zaveri , Mayur, Khanjan, Amit , Shaunak ,Kshitiz and me) came home by rail .When Save’s around rarely is there a dull moment …. A lot happened during the journey to Chennai …. probably a bit more on that l8r ….

This sem was one of the most happening sems for me ….  MGL started of with a bang and the entire team did a very good job ….  this was follwed by 2 YES+ courses which rocked to the core.Its amazing to see Gurudev at work during these courses …. Things which seem impossible are taken care of with elegance and ease …. and the most amazing thing u witness as a volunteer and a participant is the transformation of the mind that takes place during the course….. words cant describe it …… This was followed by Navratri celebrations in the Ashram . A post on that l8r … definitely the most amazing time of the year ….. Then the sem exams …. and so on ……

Back home and well since no one s around during this time probably wont be as entertaining as summer hols…. Anyways

Bye c u l8r .

Jai gurudev


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