Change is only constant . 

Today was a day of changes. I mean drastic changes. I had the image files of ANSYS and FLUENT which would refuse to work in Vista. Later today , I messed up with a network connection in Fedora, which probably had no way out and had to reinstall everything. 

The solution to the first problem was to install our good old OS Windows XP . This took a lot of effort had to upgrade the BIOS ,change the BIOS   settings and then install Windows XP. It took a lot of time and overcoming some anxious moments. Alls well that ends well and XP worked out of the box.

The next part was a toughie and I decided to install Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex over Fedora. I hope it works for me …. 😉 .

Lastly I am really glad to be back with wordpress, after a long long time.

hello , wordpress .  … 🙂

The interface wordpress offers is really amazing as compared to the one used by blogspot.

Read the previous article about the conversation between Guruji and SIMI activists. Its really good example of how to tackle the stressful situations and why meditation and daily kriya is really necessary . 

Jai Gurudev.


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