I came across this story on the internet .

In ancient Greece there once lived a wise philosopher, he was greatly admired by his peers and extremely smart for his time, indeed he was considered a genius. There was a young man who looked up to this philosopher with great admiration, he wanted to know everything he knew, and become great like he was.

The young man approached the philosopher one day seeking to become an understudy. The philosopher informed the young man that he would not teach him – he was not a teacher but a philosopher. The young man persisted, he asked the philosopher every morning for a lesson, anything would do. This went on for several months. Finally, one day the philosopher agreed and informed the young man that his first lesson would be taught at the beach the following morning, he was to meet him there at dawn sharp.

The young man didn’t sleep much that night, he was anticipating the great lesson he would learn about the ocean, or maybe the sand, or maybe some deep insight to the mating ritual of crabs; it didn’t matter, he was finally going to learn something. He showed up at the beach at dawn sharp as agreed, but the philosopher was no where to be seen. He scanned the beach up and down several times, he gazed as far as he could down the road to town hoping his teacher was simply late, nothing.

A little discouraged he sat down and gazed out into the ocean, and then he saw him, or his head rather, about seven paces out into the water, submerged all the way up to his chin. The young man was surprised but excited, he leaped up and ran out to his new teacher as fast as he could. When he got within arms length of the philosopher, the philosopher grabbed him by the arm and twisted him under the water, the young man struggled, but the philosopher was fast and agile, he had a firm grip. The young man was unprepared to be forced under water so quickly, he only had half a lung full of air. 10 seconds passed, then 20 then 30, but he could not free himself from the old man.

Panic started to set in, he realized that he was about to die, his vision started to tunnel, he desperately needed some air. Just before he was about to give up and take in a lung full of sea water the philosopher let him free. The young man, quite frightened, swam as fast as he could to shore. He yelled out to the philosopher and asked, “What was that for, are you crazy?” to which the old man replied “That was your lesson. When you want knowledge as much as you just wanted air, you’ll find it .

Jai Gurudev .


GM veggies in India within 3 yrs: Govt

This news on the front page of the Times of India yesterday , was enough to send jitters  ……. Despite international concerns over the consumption of  GM food crops , our government has been stupid enough to implement this.The reason they give is ‘The promoters of GM crops, however, argue that in India, which needs to raise agricultural output to feed the growing population, it would be impossible to overlook the promise of GM foods in meeting these demands. ‘[FoodNBeverage News] . The promoters are earning at the expense of the health  of the people .  The entire principle of nature of Survival of the Fittest crumbles down with this decision . This goverment has already done enough damage and has screwed the idea of merit by introducing reservation in education in top institutes like the IIT’s when the solution towards upbringing of the so called backward classes was to focus on better primary education / secondary education which are stepping stones to nurturing their minds to cope up with stuff they learn at IIT , etc . Now they are doing so with veggies , something thats highly unacceptable. The problem of inadequate food supplies is due to a pathetic system of distribution and not inadequate generation of crops. Also organic farming is a very viable and long term solution to the food crisis ( if any ) in terms of quantity and quality . Why cant the goverment think straight and improve the bloody distribution system or adopt organic farming instead of going all the way around and taking such measures ? I really cant figure out …..And where are all the celebrities who rally for not so important issues like legalising gay relationships ? Dont you guys care about what you eat ??????

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