Meditation – Then and Now ….

The US volunteers come up with very fundoo stuff … Three cheers to them …. Njoi



A poem by Aditya Nair one of the participants of the UTSAV course.

1700 of us were waiting on the first day…..

All eager for UTSAV to get under way…..

It was the first course of its kind…..

Much different from what I had in mind…..

Dinesh Bhaiyya conducted Soorya Namaskar without mercy…..

After all, we were all aged between 18 and 30…..

Bawa enlightened us with knowledge that was witty…..His way with words is a thing of beauty…..

With great Music, the first day was signed off…..

Those allergic to Spirituality also took their hats off…..

Thus went the first, second and the third day…..

With Dinesh & Bawa leading the way…..

Showing us, how ancient techniques and knowledge when combined…..

Can help us make cleaner, greener and happier times…..

How, when the youth combine to do Service and Meditation…..

Every Success, every Failure becomes a mere transition…..

There, I learnt that a smile is cool…..

To heal broken hearts, it is a great tool…..

The last day was the greatest of my life…..

It was an ‘Open For All’ and the energy was high…..

Bawa’s knowledge reached an encore…..

I sang with Vikram till my throat was sore…..

All in all, a great experience…..

With Dinesh’s resilience…..

Bawa’s brilliance…..

And Guruji’s omnipresence…..

So if you think your City, your Self and you Soul needs some love…..

Get yourself registered for the next UTSAV…..

By Aditya nair –

YES + for corporates

Bau and Dinesh are coming to Pune for the YES+ edition for corporates.Course starts from 14th May to 18th May and Symbiosis ,Hinjewadi. Please contact the YES+ office in case you are interested.For the record , Bau and Dinesh are the most amazing art of living teachers around.They have done their Bachelors from IITB and then have dedicated their entire life in spreading this wonderful knowledge.Kudos to you guys. Hope to have some interaction with them in the near future…… Jai Gurudev.