My day today (22 May)

As usual, woke up today morning stunned looking at the watch it was 830 …(I decided to get up at 630 to solve a 9×9 matrix by a method called Gaussian Elimination….. 😐 ). My mentor had asked me come early today and submit the solutions as he wanted to discuss them with the ARDE director. He called me by 10. This propelled me to chuck the newspaper reading ,bathing ,breakfast and was almost about to chuck brushing …. 🙂 . At 9 , i start solving the equations and finish by 930 . As I approach the office i came across a sense of  achievement of some sort…. (of solving those horribly long and complicated equations… 🙂 ) My mentor was there….waiting for me ….  after explaining all the jargon i sit back relaxed in my chair , thinking that everything was done and my job remained only to code those equations…. I decided to review those equations just one last time…. to my horror i made a silly mistake while solving one of them … since the elimination method is recursive it led to a big factor missing in the entire matrix … 😦  ….  The entire day at office went past by correcting it….As i write this post i have about 40% still left….. Anyways,as i leave my work place it gets a bit cloudy … i pray that it rains heavily…. its a bit tough to drive in rain but thats compensated for the thrill of doing so …. Halfway thorough is starts raining heavily …. 🙂 …. a wonderful 30 min l8r i reach home…drenched fully …. Mom opens the door and guess what she has prepared…..kandhyachi bhaji….. the perfect setting for this dish….( I pity those who have not heard about it…. 🙂 ) Alls well that ends well….gtg have  to study a bit of CFD stuff … bye.