A date with a sage

Vinay was in the ashram for the weekend and he forwarded me this excerpt. Amazing knowledge really .

About 100 YES!+ members had an outstanding evening with
Rishi Vidyadhar ji in Ashram, this Sunday… Like a bath near the origin of Ganges, we got soaked in fresh, rejuvenating and sparkling knowledge, that was so freely flowing from Rishi ji.

Here are few snippets:

People should not have fear of your anger, they should only have fear of losing your love. Your love should be so unconditional that someone would think before doing something, that this act should not make me lose his/her love for me.

Four modulations of mind:
1. not being in present moment:- leads to problems related to stomach…!

2. getting bored:- this is at the intellectual level. —>>> This leads to problems related to heart, chest.
there are four ways people can get together:-
I. common likes
II. common enemies or complaints
III. common ambitions
IV. coming together in knowledge, for knowledge.
only the fourth way will keep two people together… even if there is some problem, it will go away with the knowledge.
with commitment and dedication, if you can surpass the boredom, then you attain love. otherwise its just common likes.
Sadhana consolidates the boredom. continuing Sadhana, you surpass the boredom.

3. holding on to something negative.—->>this leads to problems related to neck.
ten compliments and one insult, what does your mind chew on to!?

4. the likes and dislikes of the mind. it leads to problems related to face, head.
What you dislike now, you used to like it sometime back. and what you like now, you may dislike it later. all your feelings change in 2 and a quarter days! You can’t be happy or sad all the time. Like Moon causes tides on the ocean, we being 75% water, it causes high and low feelings… and if you observe, you feel High on full moon and low on new moon! the moon goes round the earth in 28 days, and there are 12 constellations. 28/12 is 2 days and five hours. in that time, your moods change. and if you meditate, these changing moods won’t affect you at all !

How to become a good leader!?
Ans: Make leaders. Leader is not someone with great qualities, but who can bring out the best qualities in all.

There are exactly ten negative qualities:
Those who love perfection get angry
Those who love past get hatred
Those who love something become greedy
Those who love fantasy get lust
Those who love their appearance more than it should be loved, become jealous
Those who love status get arrogant
Those who love the result of action get fear
Those who love some people get attachment
Those who love ..
Those who love ..
{Someone please fill up the last two!}
Those who love to serve, get devotion.
The ten negatives are not our nature. The human nature is to be generous, happy, loving, grateful, full of awareness and being in bliss. And that is what happens when we do the Sudarshan Kriya.

Parents are at least 20 years elder to us. So they have much more experience of life than we have. Also of course they have gone through the phases of life that we are going through. So we need to listen to them and obey their wishes.
One who doesn’t learn from his mistake is a fool.
One who learns from his own mistakes is a intellectual person.
One who learns from the mistakes of others is wise.
A Mistake is a happening, not an intentional action.

When some person A is doing something that hurts you or is wrong, go and tell that to person A directly, not to tell it to B. When you tell it to person B, it is a complaint. When you tell it to A, it is a responsible action. When you tell it to A directly, in 99 percent of cases A will change. if you tell B and B tells that to A, then A will in fact get more angry and situation doesn’t change.

If we don’t learn from the words of the Sages, the Time will teach us, our own experience will teach us! There is no difference between Time and God. Kalay Tasmai Namah.

Move on from looking good to feeling good. Make choice based on what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you look good.
He told a nice joke in Hindi, with all special accents:
A wife told her husband… “Hello, please get me a new Saree.”
Husband replied, “but I have already got you 200 Sarees.”
Wife said, “But all those have been seen by my kitti party friends!”
Husband said,”ok, then instead of buying new sarees every week, it will be less costly to change the locality!”

Walk like an elephant, full of peace and strength. And, if needed, Roar like a Lion, and everyone else will listen to you…

Sadhana Seva Satsang and Self Knowledge make you feel good.
Surrender Smile and Silence are for preserving that feel good state.
Practicing these 7 gives you 8th S: Sri Sri. 🙂
The entire creation is inexpressible. That inexpressible has become expressible in the form of Sadguru. Loving the Sadguru you will love the entire creation. If you don’t love the Sadguru, forget about love.