IISc, Wanted and Gurudev

Well , thats what me and Sriram did yesterday. It was a nice and eventful day. We left on Friday for meeting our prof in IISc and well planned out everything ,as usual. We reached at around 8am in bangalore and headed straight for IISc. ( Its still known as Tata Institute there). As soon as we entered the campus there we were spell bound . It has a charm and energy that one would wish for so much while studying . It spoke of the many stories it had experienced in its magnificent past. Another thing that we loved was the campus itself. Trees , trees and still more trees ….probably at no point of time are you under the sun…. 🙂 …. Also , the bangalore weather …. God like … to say the least. ( Pune has similar weather patterns which i am very fond of.) After a lengthy discussion with the prof we decided to look around … probably watch a movie and firstly have a nice snack… At INOX , Garuda Mall , we watched Wanted (* ing Angelina Jolie , etc …. shes what mattered to me…. 😉 ) A decent movie with some very cool stunts … decent watch once….. From Garuda we headed towards the Ashram (far far away) . The atmosphere around was as usual charged …. On entering we were told that Gurudev would be there only for the TRM satsang…(Something very weird …. two satsangs happening and Gurudev in just one of them ???? ) This kinda annoyed me and the only thought in my mind was for a common satsang anywhere would do….. We had dinner with Gauri who will be teaching the upcoming course in the campus and headed towards the kitchen top and …. Suprise….. satsang at VM for all . I couldnt believe it for it was just so nice (It was the cake with the icing … Common Satsang at VM …. 🙂 ). Satsang started with all biggies in the ashram…(Swami Suryapad,Dr. Manikantan , etc) and it rocked…. Sriram was getting restless and decided to leave … (we had to catch a bus at 10) and he wouldnt believe me that the bus would be delayed…. .( … 🙂 Since coming to the Art Of Living i rely on miracles…. 😉 ) Gurudev walked in at 2035 with the grace and glow i have seen from him only during Navratri….. and it was bliss ….. 🙂 ….. Reluctantly , i left the ashram at 2100 and thanked Gurudev evry moment of the evening .


Jai Gurudev….


Bus was late by an hour and a half….. 🙂 ….

The feeling was just amazing and i think i havent done justice to the entire episode in writing this post in this manner… Cant help it …. Words cant describe such a thing ……

Jai Gurudev…..