Meditation – Then and Now ….

The US volunteers come up with very fundoo stuff … Three cheers to them …. Njoi


Angels and Demons


We ( interns at Zeus ) decided to watch the movie and were really surprised to find that just 2 theaters were showing the movie .. None of the standard multiplexes ….  Then Ali told me of the strike going on between the film community and the multiplex owners and hence we had no choice but  to watch it at RAHUL . A single screen theater that I had not visited in years since ESquare (a multiplex ) was started . Suprisingly it had a nice decor . They had just renovated it , probably thats why ….

Its a decent one time watch , but not as fast and exciting as its book .  Probably guys who made it could have done a better job with the skill at hand …. Anyways a decent watch again for anyone who has not read the book ….. 😉

Bye .

Jai Gurudev .