MGL – Cont…

MGL part one has come to an end..(part one stands for the first batch). Thanks to all those who made it possible…. On the second and third day a lot of  techy stuff was taught in the class , which probably was not appreciated by everyone (Considering the amount of walling going on…. 😉 )Anyways it was a lot of hard work put in by Abhilash ,Balki and Surya for their C programming and Shell Scripting lectures respectively.Installing and repo config was handled by Arun and Harini.Networking was handled by Akhil,Sanket and me. We did not enjoy taking it that much coz with the lack of root permissions to everyone no one could practice something really worthwhile….(like setting up web pages…basic ones…or starting the services one was interested in.)Last times pengufest was really nice even though there were a handful of them there. Anyways kudos to everyone…. Next batch starts from Monday and looking forward to teach in them and improve on our mistakes …..

Bye gtg…have to mail prof the soln and also complete mechatronics assignment….. Bye,cya….

Jai Gurudev!!



Finally MGL is underway and its nice to see a good turnover for these classes.We had 140 paid registrations in just two days of putting up of the poster.A big contrast to what happens for Art Of Living courses….. you get 140 paid registrations in about a month if you have a good enough dedicated volunteer base…..Suprising isnt it ….. people are reluctant to do something as wonderful as the AOL courses….(For anyone who hasnt done it ……. its a ‘breathtaking’ course…… 😉 (pun intended)).

Anyways coming back to the topic…..Yesterday was the first day of the MGL classes with topics like Introduction to Linux , Basics of OS, The Linux Equivalent Project and file hierarchy being taught. Sathya did a nice job with the introduction and JC was really good with his short and energetic intro to “What is an OS”. This was followed by Shantanu,Uday who spoke on a few more topics like whats a shell etc.The Linux Equivalent Project intro was taken up by Nikhil and Vivek.And finally file hierarchy was taught by Tirth(He kept it short and sweet…… 🙂 ).

Abhilash did a wonderful job with maintaining the site.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed for a really nice opening to the classes…… 🙂 ….You guys rock…… :).


Akhil will be teaching Vim basics ,Kra .. File Permissions and Balki and Surya .. Shell Scripting……. The enjoyable grind begins……. 😉

Jai Gurudev!