Yayyyy !!! Another YES+ course !!!!!

We had a amazing , exciting YES+ course from the 4th to the 11th in the campus . This brings many more enthu people to volunteer for future courses. Shilpa Didi took the course with the ease and brilliance Dinesh Bhaiyya takes the advance course. That too this being her first course. A lot of stuff was done in this course. The processes almost doubled because of the extended time . The first day was pretty much usual. The one thing I noticed about this batch was their participation ….. from the first day itself Questions were being answered(Yup the last batch was a bit no no in this regard)!!! The second day is when all the participants get the feel of the magical Sudarshan Kriya. The fourth day was really special….. The session was really long …. (3pm to 9pm) and didi was really disappointed with the food available in this place. So all of us(volunteers) came up with the idea of making something simple tasty and sattvic for the participants….. So starting at 8 in the morning we (Sandhya , Aditya SK , Isai , Kshitiz , Mayur and me) slogged it out to make food for all the participants just in time. Sk and I got all the ingredients by 1130. We did the Gurupooja and started cooking for everyone .The Estate Officer Uncles wife allowed us to cook for all the participants in her kitchen and without her there might have been many kelas …. Thanks to her for the coop extended .. Jai Gurudev ….. It was an exhilarating time cooking for all …… We decided to cook Hummus (as its really easy 🙂 ) and pasta (thats really easy too…. 🙂 ) We learnt a lot (via mistakes though…. 😉 Not to put noodles in cold water…. they become a nuisance ….. and cholle (chick peas ) need to be soaked atleast for 8-9 hours before doing anything with them 😉 …… Also math doesnt work evrytime…. I was incharge of Hummus and read in Bau’s blog that 1kg of cholle was good enough for 8 hungry people…. well we had 40 so decided to buy 5kg of cholle….. we used only 2.5 . So on Sunday evening all the 40 participants were served Hummus and white bread(sorry no brown bread ) and pasta and Tang(Mango) ….. They enjoyed evry bit of it with compliments comin from evry1 (The students from the Middle East loved the Hummus even without the Tahini…. Yippe … 🙂 I didnt tell them that it was Hummus they thought it was some sandwich filling . 😉 )…The 5th and 6th day to were really amazing with plenty of stuff shown to the students… videos (the highlight being meat your meet) , presentations ,etc …. On the 6th day it was Vaishnavis Birthday (so a small celebration was destined) Ashok had to decorate the hall that day and had really nice ideas up his sleeve… The theme for decoration was Reflections . Annie (I think) had a really nice idea of everyone hand signing on a poster for Vaishnavi ….. and well evry1 had ice cream ( 🙂 ) …. The shining moment of the day for all of us was a QnA with Bau… Yup Bau was free at that time and agreed to take on a number of Questions some of which were really nice and well answered with the same elegance (Another post on them )…. We had a Satsang on that day too …. Finally the last day (the fun day) reflected evrything that happened during the course … It was a very emotional day for all of us and we certainly did feel a void after the course was over .A void which really could not replaced by nething …. Shilpa Didi was awesome with whatever she did we would love to see her come back for many more courses which will happen here ….. Sandhya , Madhuri , Isai and SK did a wonderful job of bringing in participants and ensuring a really high participation from the girls (40:60 as to 1:12 the last time) you all rock….. SK did a really wonderful job …. It was almost his course entirely and i loved working every bit of time with him…….. jai Gurudev to all ….. 🙂 Meet you in the follow ups…. 😉

Bye , cya .

Jai Gurudev! and Keep breathing



Finally MGL is underway and its nice to see a good turnover for these classes.We had 140 paid registrations in just two days of putting up of the poster.A big contrast to what happens for Art Of Living courses….. you get 140 paid registrations in about a month if you have a good enough dedicated volunteer base…..Suprising isnt it ….. people are reluctant to do something as wonderful as the AOL courses….(For anyone who hasnt done it ……. its a ‘breathtaking’ course…… 😉 (pun intended)).

Anyways coming back to the topic…..Yesterday was the first day of the MGL classes with topics like Introduction to Linux , Basics of OS, The Linux Equivalent Project and file hierarchy being taught. Sathya did a nice job with the introduction and JC was really good with his short and energetic intro to “What is an OS”. This was followed by Shantanu,Uday who spoke on a few more topics like whats a shell etc.The Linux Equivalent Project intro was taken up by Nikhil and Vivek.And finally file hierarchy was taught by Tirth(He kept it short and sweet…… 🙂 ).

Abhilash did a wonderful job with maintaining the site.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed for a really nice opening to the classes…… 🙂 ….You guys rock…… :).


Akhil will be teaching Vim basics ,Kra .. File Permissions and Balki and Surya .. Shell Scripting……. The enjoyable grind begins……. 😉

Jai Gurudev!