Why Should You Vote ?

Khurshed Batliwala has an interesting article on why should you vote ?

If you check out the polls, you will see that in most constituencies, a maximum of 60 – 70% people go and vote. Now this 60% of the votes is typically shared between 4 to 6 candidates who may be contesting the election for that place. Even assuming that only 3 are the popular ones, the vote distribution will be approximately 10-15% each (of the 60% polled) among the popular ones and the rest among the others. So we will usually have a victory with just 15-20% of the votes of a given constituency! So a person will come into power with a “majority” vote of just 15-20%, usually much less, maybe even 10-12%!

This in itself is pretty flawed according to me, you will have a very hard time convincing me that 49% is a majority, let alone 12-20%.

Our politicians seem to be pretty good at maths, and they have done this calculation, and so know that to win an election, they need to worry ONLY about getting 20% of the votes. So they divided the country into OBC, and SC/ST and minority castes and so on, so that they could see a clear 20% of the population they would need to take care of (appease) so that they would be able to secure their vote and stay/get into power.

When you see it this way, almost every single government policy will make perfect sense. Now how can you confound this happy little scheme? Well, if more than 90% of the population goes and votes, then just securing that cozy 20% of the votes is not going to get them into power. Then, they will have to actually take care of everyone… the majority as well as the minority, which they should have been doing in the first place, but don’t, because the majority DOESN’T VOTE!

So to force the hand of the government to be “by the people, for the people and of the people” more people need to vote.

The word politics actually says it all: Poli meaning many, tics meaning bloodsucking creatures. Your right of franchise, your duty to vote is the tic powder. Use it! So why should you vote? Fundamentally, because you can. You are blessed to live in a country where you can vote. God forbid that you suddenly wake up in a country where you can’t vote…

Original Source : The March.



A poem by Aditya Nair one of the participants of the UTSAV course.

1700 of us were waiting on the first day…..

All eager for UTSAV to get under way…..

It was the first course of its kind…..

Much different from what I had in mind…..

Dinesh Bhaiyya conducted Soorya Namaskar without mercy…..

After all, we were all aged between 18 and 30…..

Bawa enlightened us with knowledge that was witty…..His way with words is a thing of beauty…..

With great Music, the first day was signed off…..

Those allergic to Spirituality also took their hats off…..

Thus went the first, second and the third day…..

With Dinesh & Bawa leading the way…..

Showing us, how ancient techniques and knowledge when combined…..

Can help us make cleaner, greener and happier times…..

How, when the youth combine to do Service and Meditation…..

Every Success, every Failure becomes a mere transition…..

There, I learnt that a smile is cool…..

To heal broken hearts, it is a great tool…..

The last day was the greatest of my life…..

It was an ‘Open For All’ and the energy was high…..

Bawa’s knowledge reached an encore…..

I sang with Vikram till my throat was sore…..

All in all, a great experience…..

With Dinesh’s resilience…..

Bawa’s brilliance…..

And Guruji’s omnipresence…..

So if you think your City, your Self and you Soul needs some love…..

Get yourself registered for the next UTSAV…..

By Aditya nair – holmesrocks@gmail.com